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Department Advising for the Health Education major, Minor in Health Education, and Minor in Women's Health Issues

Undergraduate Advising Appointments: (On the day of your appointment, please check-in to HSS 320.)

Have questions or need advising about General Education requirements? Visit SF State Undergraduate Advising.

Undergraduate Advising is also available by email:

To better address student needs, please include the following in your email inquiry:

  • Subject Line: Please indicate if it is HED Major Advising or HED Minor Advising
  • Name
  • Provide context: Where are you in the major/minor roadmap? Where are you in the semester sequence? Are you inquiring about applying into the major?
  • Indicate specific questions around advising
  • Provide a range of availability for scheduling

Please note: Advisors and faculty do not hold regular office hours during the Winter and Summer sessions. Advising appointments are not available during the Fall Recess, Spring Recess, or during Finals week. In person advising is not available during the Winter or Summer sessions. Email Undergraduate Advising during all other times. Advising is not available over the phone.

Below are helpful information to guide students through the Health Education major, Minor in Health Education, and Minor in Women's Health Issues. Review this information before scheduling an advising appointment or emailing advising.

Want to become a Health Education major student? Attend one of our information sessions for more information about applying to the Bachelor of Science in Health Education program. 

Road Map for students declared Health Education major Fall 2014 and after.

Minor in Health Education requirements.

Minor in Women's Health Issues requirements.

List of H ED classes open to all students regardless of major.

Student Organizations

HESA - Health Education Students Association

HESA is our undergraduate student organization whose goals are to promote health education and awareness of available resources on and off campus; increase peer support by serving as a social network for HED students; increase department visibility; and increase student/faculty interaction by way of social functions that will enhance knowledge of the department and the Health Education field.

  • Like the HESA Facebook page
  • Check out the HESA Bulletin Board for upcoming events and meetings, and current HESA information - located outside the Student Resource Room HSS 322

PHOGS - Public Health Organization of Graduate Students

The mission of the SF State Public Health Organization of Graduate Students (PHOGS) is to support individual academic and professional development, promote student involvement in the governance of our Master of Public Health (MPH) program, and to coordinate the collective activities of MPH students to advance the MPH program mission of health equity and social justice. PHOGS provides a forum for student activism, networking, peer support, fundraising, and overall engagement on a programmatic level with the Health Education Department and the governance of the MPH program.


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Career Outlook

Career Opportunities

A variety of career opportunities are open to individuals graduating from the health education program. Results from a recent survey of program graduates indicate that in addition to positions specifically titled health educator, many also hold positions as program planners, assistant administrators, assistant personnel directors, in-service education coordinators, community outreach workers, health counselors, health writers, environmental workers, and pharmaceutical-medical detail persons. Employers include hospitals, government and voluntary agencies, school districts, private industries, and some individuals are self-employed.

Health Education graduates also select careers outside the health care field. The professional skills developed in the degree programs have numerous applications in non-health employment settings. Additionally, some health education graduates continue graduate studies in public health, administration, social services, dentistry, medicine, and law.


Graduates of the Master of Public Health in Community Health Education program are prepared for advanced level professional positions in public health departments and private and public health care settings and a variety of community-based organizations. Nationally, the emphasis is on primary and secondary prevention and population-based management of health, making the skills and competencies of community health educators a market demand.

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