Holistic Health Studies

The mission of Holistic Health Studies is to provide the university and broader community with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and skills for developing personal health and well-being through instruction, innovation research and extracurricular programs.

Ultimately, Holistic Health Studies seeks to encourage individuals toward increased self and ecological awareness, a greater capacity for self-regulation, and an improved ability to generalize these understandings to all aspects of life. This may be realized by improved health, more meaningful and creative work, enhanced personal relationships, or deeper spiritual (transpersonal) understandings.

There are many specific applications and forms of holistic health including: stress management, behavioral medicine, applied psychophysiology, biofeedback, Autogenic Training, Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture, acupressure, herbology, nutrition, qi-gong), meditation, guided imagery, yoga, somatic therapies (such as: therapeutic touch and subtle energy therapies), and ecological thinking and living.

Institute for Holistic Health Studies

IHHS Director: Adam Burke

Certificate in Holistic Health

The Certificate program is available to anyone admitted through Extended Learning/Open University. It is also available to matriculated students who have completed the minor. The curriculum for the Certificate includes an additional 8 units beyond the minor. The Holistic Health Studies Certificate is ideally suited for individuals who already have an academic degree, who are already in a health profession, or who may be exploring career options. Also, since holistic health encourages self-care and self-regulation, the Certificate program can be an excellent choice for stress reduction, personal growth, and health promotion. Classes can also be taken individually without enrolling in the Certificate program, an excellent way to explore specific interests. (See description of the Certificate program below.)

Minor in Holistic Health Studies

The Institute for Holistic Health Studies, within the Department of Health Education, offers a Holistic Health Studies Minor. The minor is taken in conjunction with one’s bachelor's degree and appears on the diploma along with the major. A minor in Holistic Health Studies is an excellent complement to many SFSU majors. It provides unique learning opportunities, a chance to explore or expand career options, and a way to improve personal health and well-being. Course content is interdisciplinary, examines human experience and health from an interdependent or holistic perspective, and focuses on practical, experiential learning in diverse areas such as stress management, autogenic training, East Asian medicine, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, guided imagery and more. Additional benefits to minors include priority wait listing for Holistic Health Studies courses, individual advising with faculty, and collaboration with others interested in complementary and alternative health practices. The minor involves taking 18 units of Holistic Health Studies courses – 9 units of core courses (Eastern, Western, and Global Perspectives), and 9 units of elective courses – and also 4 units of anatomy or physiology,