Bachelor of Science in Health Education

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Health Education program is designed to facilitate voluntary changes in individual health behaviors as well as to advocate for social and economic policies which lead to health promotion and disease prevention for all. This program prepares individuals to work as public health professionals at individual, community and structural levels for health equity and social justice. The program provides a participatory learning environment that integrates theory, research and practice, honors diversity through a cultural humility lens, and fosters collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills.

The course work and field experience in health education have three primary objectives:

  1. to provide a theoretical and philosophical foundation in principles of community health education;
  2. to facilitate the development of professional skills in program planning, implementation, and evaluation; and
  3. to offer broad course work in personal, community, and school health. Students are also expected to complete course work in biological, social, and behavioral sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Education has 11 units of prerequisites, 42 core units and 9 - 12 emphasis elective units to be chosen in one of the three areas described below. The program curriculum is designed in four semester tiers, where the content, knowledge, and skills required for students are scaffolded both within the courses offered in that semester and sequential semester.


The Department is in impaction status, as approved by the CSU Chancellor's Office. The CSU Chancellor's Office defines impaction as "the number of applicants exceeding the number of available spaces in an academic program." In an effort to best serve our students, we have revised our declaration process. The following is information for prospective Health Education students interesting in majoring in Health Education.
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Health Education Major Mandatory Orientation Information Sessions for 2018 - 2019 Academic Year Admission

(Currently attending SFSU students who are interested in changing their major to Health Education must attend an information session.)

Fall 2018 in-person Session dates have already passed. Please view the Information Session Webinar online.

Health Education Information Session Webinar Option

Fall 2018 Health Education Major Online Info Session

After viewing the webinar, students are required to take a quiz on Google Forums and will receive an email of their score. If passed with a 9/10, students will receive the department application for the Bachelor of Science in Health Education. Please follow the below steps to view this Webinar.

All students interested in applying to the Health Education major must attend an information session. An overview of the Health Education major program, requirements and expectations will be presented and an application to apply to the major will be distributed via to your SFSU email a week after you have attended the information session. To attend an information session and learn more about the program and application process, please RSVP* using the link provided for the session you want to attend.

*RSVP is required and application to the major will NOT be handed out in advance, student must RSVP and attend an information session to receive an application. Applications to the major will only be sent out to those students who registered and attended an information session.

Application and required documents are due to the department office by Friday, Decemeber 17, 2018 by 4:00pm. 

Students who have attended an in-person or webinar orientation will receive an email with the application material.

Currently Attending SF State Students in Fall 2018

You will need to apply to change your major to Health Education during the Fall 2018 semester. This request is for a change of major and if accepted will go into effect the 2019-2020 academic year. Please note: SF State University policy states that students with 96 or more units cannot apply to an impacted major.

In order to apply, prospective students must attend a mandatory orientation session. An overview of the program, requirements, and expectations will be presented. The application to apply to the major will be distributed only to students who attended an information session.

The Department will then prepare and review applications for the major. Students will be notified in Spring 2019 of their admission decision and academic career plan.

*The Department only accepts requests to change your major during the Fall semesters. Interested students admitted to SF State for Spring 2018 will need to follow this process during the Fall 2018 semester. If accepted, this request for a change of major will then go into effect the 2018-2020 academic year.

SF State University Policy for Declaring a Major

Impacted Majors - Both lower and upper division students requesting a change of major to an impacted program must meet the supplemental requirements required of that major. Requests to declare impacted majors must be received by the end of the initial filing period for the term for which new majors are being accepted. Continuing students who have earned 96 units or more may not apply to an impacted major.

Change of Major for Seniors with 96 or More Units - Continuing students who have earned 96 units or more may not apply to an impacted major. Students with 96 or more units can only change to a non-impacted major if they can show that they will be able to complete their new major by the time they reach 120-132 units, depending on the major. A departmental-approved Change/Declaration of Major after Accruing 96 Units must be turned in to the Registrar's Office.

For more information regarding the SF State Policy for Declaring a Major visit the Registrar's Office website and the Academic Senate website.

Future SF State Students

The Health Education program is not open for applications during the spring semester. The following is information for prospective Health Education students applying to SF State for Fall 2018.

Freshman and Lower Division Transfers: Applications to the Health Education major are closed for Freshman and Lower Division Transfer Students. Students should apply to either an alternative major or as Undeclared and then apply to enter the major before your Junior year with a minimum of 60 units. Follow the steps outlined above for currently attending SFSU students.

Upper Division Transfers: Upper division transfer students apply directly to the Health Education major when applying to SF State. Select Health Education as your primary major on your SF State application. Submission of a supplemental application to our Department is not required.

Degree Requirements

View more about the requirements in the SF State Bulletin.


First-Time Student Roadmap (4 Year)

This roadmap opens in the SFSU Academic Bulletin.

Transfer Student Roadmap (2 Year)

For students with an AS-T in Public Health Science. This roadmap opens in the SFSU Academic Bulletin.

Health Education Program Roadmap Flier

For students accepted to the Health Education program. This flier was updated August 2018.